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Samsung develops Mahru 2 a humanoid robot

by Dhiram Shah

Mahru 2 humanoid robot is the result of a joint venture between Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST) and Samsung Electronics. An update to the Mahru 1 it is capable of voice, face, obstacle, and moving object recognition and features vision-based manipulation and distributed intelligence controlled by an external server. It can greet you in Korean style, dance, walk in all directions and follow a moving object. Compared to other robots we have seen the Mahru 2 is different as it is a network-based humanoid. It is connected to an external server and constantly sends images and voice to the server which analyses and processes the data and then sends back commands pertaining to the situation.

The inventor says that by 2009 Humanoids will learn tasks themselves and share them with others.

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  1. Cmdr Psike

    The robot has to transmit all data to a network server and back.
    this poses two interesting points
    – First. when there is alot of net traffic the “Thought process” would run slower
    – Second. This would allow human interface to be quite interesting since it would have to stop and “think” about difficult topics just like a real person would do… making the human interface more realistic
    How ever if I had input on the project I think it would be even more realistic to have a local processing computer that was lower powered and with lmited memory, so it could have “Instictive actions” or could “learn” actions. say the robot has to slice cold-cuts all day long, it would be more efficent for the robot to recignise that it is doing the action often and Cache the processes to local memory


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