Samsung develops machine gun sentry robot costs $200k

by Dhiram Shah

Samsung has partnered with Korea university and developed the machine-gun equipped robotic sentry. It is equipped with two cameras with zooming capabilities one for day time and one for infrared night vision. It has a sophisticated pattern recognition which can detect the difference between humans and trees, and a 5.5mm machine-gun. The robot also has a speaker to warn the intruder to surrender or get a perfect headshot. The robots will go on sale by 2007 for $ 200,000 and will be deployed on the border between North and South Korea.
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  1. Robotic Sentry Shoots and Laughs at You

    When they’re not impressing us with their HDTVs, Samsung’s out making killer robots. Literally. Along with Korea University, they’ve created a robotic sentry that’s equipped with two cameras (one infrared), zooming capabilities, and a BFG (a 5.5mm mac…

  2. Samsungs fröhliche Killermaschine

    Samsung hat ne Sentry-Gun entwickelt, die zwischen Menschen und Objekten unterscheiden kann und alles mit nem 5,5 mm Geschütz niedermäht, dass ihr gegen den Strich geht.

  3. Fred Johns

    Number 5 is alive!

  4. Lee Darrow

    And you deal with the countermeasure of a kid with a paintgun how, exactly?
    Also, this design does not move, which means that it has all of the problems that any fixed emplacement system has – including those of being blindsided using known terrain features and low tech approaches, such as paintball shots to its sensor ports or something as simple as a very large blanket thrown over it which would allow attackers to move into the blind areas (shown on your own video) and use other means such as shaped charges, to disable the system.
    And I have not even begun to address other, more sophistacated methods of blinding television-based systems, which are numerous.
    There is NO substitute for combined ground defense systems that do not include boots on the ground. There’s always some wiseguy out there who will figure out a way to pull the plug.
    Ask any Special Forces grunt. Or teenage prankster.

  5. someguy

    lol reminds me of ED-209

  6. Crow

    Why does the video have the “Pirates of the Caribbean” theme about halfway through? This looks like an infomercial on cable.

  7. voidref

    I, for one, welcome our robot overlords.

  8. Tim

    Great, now all they need to do is program it to tell the difference between a Spy, a Drunk and a Teenage Prankster, and the world will be a safer place!
    Give me gut instinct and common sense any day!

  9. LiraNuna


  10. s3ph

    Now… The question becomes “How long until they’re in domestic use in the USA?”

  11. Hudson

    That’s all good and well but when you run out of ammo the Aliens will get in and it’s “game over, man”.

  12. Anonymous

    Thanks Samsung for making machines that kill people, thanks. =/

  13. Brice

    Anybody notice how all the targets wandered about with their hands hanging all monkey like. I’d say the software was designed to accept surrender with hands up. So if you wanted to walk right by it, just put your hands up, put your hands way up!

  14. BiGT

    This just in… Sony comes out with EMP grenade. Samsung Sentry Robot sales decline….

  15. Kristopher_d

    Look, there wont be any drunks or teenage pranksters in the Korean DMZ. They’re still technically at war, and both sides take that very seriously. Anyone crossing that very well defined swath of land is doing so wittingly and with full knowledge that the guys on the other side will shoot.
    I really doubt it simply accepts hands up as surrender. There’s probably a bit more intelligence, like, don’t move and put your hands in the air. If you keep walking, it probably doesn’t care that our hands are up. Way to go Samsung. Can we get enough to cover both our borders, with the surrender feature disabled.

  16. Anonymous

    I missed THE buzzword to sell arms equipment: Terrorism. No marketing guy is telling you to use it against terrorists? Connect it with a brain activity scanner and viola…

  17. JRChaney

    “BiGT November 14, 2006 10:35 AM
    This just in… Sony comes out with EMP grenade. Samsung Sentry Robot sales decline….”
    Sony already has EMP grenades, they are called laptop batteries.

  18. artiste

    I bet it’s programmed for some human likeness. So if u crawl backwards with ur butt facing the camera… it will probably confuse u as an animal or something and won’t get a clear headshot!

  19. SimpleFix

    They stole it right from that episode of MacGyver where he was trapped in the safe house!

  20. dUc0N

    Awesome. I had more fun reading the comments than the story!
    Now, if we duct-taped one to the top of one of those Roomba cleaning thingamajigs…

  21. Katkill

    But Sony would make their EMP grenades proprietary and in a few years everyone would stop buying them because there would be something better on the market. Microsoft would then license the sentry gun technology and deploy them at Redmond to defend their “newfound” technology, thus once again proving their dominance of the world.

  22. Antonio Galiagante

    Coolness! I need to get a few of these for the house to deal with trespassers and gang-bangers!

  23. anonymous

    You know it’ll happen. But as long as Sony’s Li-Ion batteries are used in them, they’ll be self-destructing robots
    “This just in… Sony comes out with EMP grenade. Samsung Sentry Robot sales decline….”

  24. MH

    This has got to be a hoax.

  25. Anonnny32

    did you ever have a granddad or dad into HAM radio? when they got the trasnmitter power to the legal limit it could actually jam your neighbors from picking up TV signals. ALl you need to frazzel this gizmo if it isn’t hardened against rouge RF signals is a radio transmitter, 400+watt inline amp, and a directional antenna. basicly you ram so much RF into its circitry the real signals can’t get through.
    Sentry gun Impotent.

  26. What the

    All your Gooks are belong to us! CATS!

  27. JustBob

    Just becuase we can does not make it right. It is unfortunate the things we make for money. All in the name of down sourcing or the all mightly dollar – this bright idea will back fire.

  28. Snooks

    this is great stuff, Western economic rationalism mixed with socialism. the end of world is truelly here. 😛