Samsung develops machine gun sentry robot costs $200k

by Dhiram Shah

Samsung has partnered with Korea university and developed the machine-gun equipped robotic sentry. It is equipped with two cameras with zooming capabilities one for day time and one for infrared night vision. It has a sophisticated pattern recognition which can detect the difference between humans and trees, and a 5.5mm machine-gun. The robot also has a speaker to warn the intruder to surrender or get a perfect headshot. The robots will go on sale by 2007 for $ 200,000 and will be deployed on the border between North and South Korea.
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  1. Robotic Sentry Shoots and Laughs at You

    When they’re not impressing us with their HDTVs, Samsung’s out making killer robots. Literally. Along with Korea University, they’ve created a robotic sentry that’s equipped with two cameras (one infrared), zooming capabilities, and a BFG (a 5.5mm mac…

  2. Samsungs fröhliche Killermaschine

    Samsung hat ne Sentry-Gun entwickelt, die zwischen Menschen und Objekten unterscheiden kann und alles mit nem 5,5 mm Geschütz niedermäht, dass ihr gegen den Strich geht.

  3. Fred Johns

    Number 5 is alive!

  4. Lee Darrow

    And you deal with the countermeasure of a kid with a paintgun how, exactly?
    Also, this design does not move, which means that it has all of the problems that any fixed emplacement system has – including those of being blindsided using known terrain features and low tech approaches, such as paintball shots to its sensor ports or something as simple as a very large blanket thrown over it which would allow attackers to move into the blind areas (shown on your own video) and use other means such as shaped charges, to disable the system.
    And I have not even begun to address other, more sophistacated methods of blinding television-based systems, which are numerous.
    There is NO substitute for combined ground defense systems that do not include boots on the ground. There’s always some wiseguy out there who will figure out a way to pull the plug.
    Ask any Special Forces grunt. Or teenage prankster.

  5. someguy

    lol reminds me of ED-209

  6. Crow

    Why does the video have the “Pirates of the Caribbean” theme about halfway through? This looks like an infomercial on cable.

  7. voidref

    I, for one, welcome our robot overlords.

  8. Tim

    Great, now all they need to do is program it to tell the difference between a Spy, a Drunk and a Teenage Prankster, and the world will be a safer place!
    Give me gut instinct and common sense any day!

  9. LiraNuna


  10. s3ph

    Now… The question becomes “How long until they’re in domestic use in the USA?”

  11. Hudson

    That’s all good and well but when you run out of ammo the Aliens will get in and it’s “game over, man”.

  12. Anonymous

    Thanks Samsung for making machines that kill people, thanks. =/

  13. Brice

    Anybody notice how all the targets wandered about with their hands hanging all monkey like. I’d say the software was designed to accept surrender with hands up. So if you wanted to walk right by it, just put your hands up, put your hands way up!

  14. BiGT

    This just in… Sony comes out with EMP grenade. Samsung Sentry Robot sales decline….

  15. Kristopher_d

    Look, there wont be any drunks or teenage pranksters in the Korean DMZ. They’re still technically at war, and both sides take that very seriously. Anyone crossing that very well defined swath of land is doing so wittingly and with full knowledge that the guys on the other side will shoot.
    I really doubt it simply accepts hands up as surrender. There’s probably a bit more intelligence, like, don’t move and put your hands in the air. If you keep walking, it probably doesn’t care that our hands are up. Way to go Samsung. Can we get enough to cover both our borders, with the surrender feature disabled.

  16. Anonymous

    I missed THE buzzword to sell arms equipment: Terrorism. No marketing guy is telling you to use it against terrorists? Connect it with a brain activity scanner and viola…

  17. JRChaney

    “BiGT November 14, 2006 10:35 AM
    This just in… Sony comes out with EMP grenade. Samsung Sentry Robot sales decline….”
    Sony already has EMP grenades, they are called laptop batteries.

  18. artiste

    I bet it’s programmed for some human likeness. So if u crawl backwards with ur butt facing the camera… it will probably confuse u as an animal or something and won’t get a clear headshot!

  19. SimpleFix

    They stole it right from that episode of MacGyver where he was trapped in the safe house!

  20. dUc0N

    Awesome. I had more fun reading the comments than the story!
    Now, if we duct-taped one to the top of one of those Roomba cleaning thingamajigs…

  21. Katkill

    But Sony would make their EMP grenades proprietary and in a few years everyone would stop buying them because there would be something better on the market. Microsoft would then license the sentry gun technology and deploy them at Redmond to defend their “newfound” technology, thus once again proving their dominance of the world.

  22. Antonio Galiagante

    Coolness! I need to get a few of these for the house to deal with trespassers and gang-bangers!

  23. anonymous

    You know it’ll happen. But as long as Sony’s Li-Ion batteries are used in them, they’ll be self-destructing robots
    “This just in… Sony comes out with EMP grenade. Samsung Sentry Robot sales decline….”

  24. MH

    This has got to be a hoax.

  25. Anonnny32

    did you ever have a granddad or dad into HAM radio? when they got the trasnmitter power to the legal limit it could actually jam your neighbors from picking up TV signals. ALl you need to frazzel this gizmo if it isn’t hardened against rouge RF signals is a radio transmitter, 400+watt inline amp, and a directional antenna. basicly you ram so much RF into its circitry the real signals can’t get through.
    Sentry gun Impotent.

  26. What the

    All your Gooks are belong to us! CATS!

  27. JustBob

    Just becuase we can does not make it right. It is unfortunate the things we make for money. All in the name of down sourcing or the all mightly dollar – this bright idea will back fire.

  28. Snooks

    this is great stuff, Western economic rationalism mixed with socialism. the end of world is truelly here. 😛

  29. Leonardo

    That’s quite simple to counter this… just send an army wearing tree costumes

  30. Ken

    Paintball gun? You cant seriously think that the range on a pantball gun is anything close to the range of a machinegun (especially with any level of accuracy) thats about the most absurd thing Ive ever heard. If it uses sophisticated pattern recognition like the article says, its more likely to see someone with a weapon at its optimal range, and issue the warning, then open fire if the individual doesnt obey.
    And there arent many “terrain features” in the Korean DMZ that you can use to sneak up on these things, they dont want their HUMAN sentries snuck up on, why would these be any diffrent?
    The MkII version of this will likely sonar or radar or both Im betting

  31. john harvey

    This is old technology. They had this in Alien – the first version.

  32. chile

    I don’t think teenage pranksters with paintball guns are going to be hanging out in the DMZ (which is where this will be deployed). If any teens do, then they’ll probably step on a landmine before being machine gunned to death by a robot.

  33. Anonymouse

    Go Go Gadget Machine Gun!

  34. nOObY-AliVE

    seems to be a new Aimbot on the market ;-P
    The Cheaters will have lots of fun using it, we just can wait for a new community update. Would be interesting if Korea is VAC secured or if they use Punkbuster … hrhr

  35. kristopher_d

    Applications like these tend to use gallium arsenide, so sorry, your EMP grenade will be of little use.

  36. Jim Cravens

    My first thoughts were about drunks, teenage pranksters, or even people who do not understand Korean (having been all of the above at one time or another) but then I thought about some of my experiences with ‘human’ cops… I could learn to live with predictable and dependable robotic sentries.

  37. Talisman

    17 Days?? We dont have 17hrs… Game over man, wtf are we gonna do.
    Seriously, how much more inhuman can we become. Its bad enough we have camera guided missiles that take the human aspect of killign away. Now we put the decision to take a like in the hands of software!??! For f*&! sake man.

  38. Beltreg

    #1 There’s more intelligence in that thing that some might think. Military software and hardware is tested on at least 30 different levels.
    #2 Hands high up? For all of you who actually know how to write computer software… there is an IF-THEN statement… alongside a SWITCH. When the guy raises his hands up, system treats it as a surrender and if he moves treats it as running away.
    #3 Blanket and paint ball. Get in range first without getting a head shot and then we’ll talk.
    #4 Usually sentry guns, same as surveillance cameras, are used to OBSERVE territory for suspicious activity and alert proper people when something that is not supposed to go on is going on. So… that leads me to #5…
    #5 When someone is halted, spotted, gun is disabled… or even spots illegal activity…. there is a LOUD SIREN NOISE somewhere not too far away… and a vehicle with a dozen people heavily armed is dispatched to the location. Game Over.
    The only thing I would recommend they could add to this is a stun gun or some sort of tranquilizer dart. Just in case it IS deployed outside Korea and there IS a drunkard stupid enough to get into the territory.

  39. Furball

    Outstanding. Now all we need is a deck of cards.

  40. anonymous

    I need one of those mounted in my front yard (damn neibor kids!)

  41. Deine Mutter

    WTF… its just a start to this…. think about all the possiblites they can do to this beatiful peice of technonlgy?

  42. John Wilson

    I’m shipping out to LV-426 next week on some sort of bug hunt. These things will come in handy, apparently our new lieutenant is a real asshole.

  43. Specules

    This is it? It’s 2006 and all we get is a blocky looking robot machine gun sentry? Where’s the flying cars? Where’s our jetpacks? Where’s our laser guns?! I’m sick of this 20th century tech coming out in the 21st century! C’mon people, let’s get all scientific and stuff! I want cybernetic super karate monkey warriors, under mind control, using nuclear hand grenades! Let’s see that!

  44. franky

    hm… i feel bad for the tech guy who has to repair it? say if it goes haywire adn shoots everything it site? BOOM! there is avery limited use since it o ly has one gun, i say add mutli guns that move on there own from each other… when skynet goes live, this sentry will be modifyed and give legs! face it guys, were doomed so drink up and party cause soon, blah….

  45. ian

    even if they have 60 degrees range, if you lign up like 100 of them, i don’t think there is anyway to stop them, Unless of course you have a gun with a longer range and you shoot at each one individually and distroy them so that you can pass.. But if they get inclosed in buletproof casings and concrete with bullet proof glass shaters that clean themselves… then you will have very hard time getting by

  46. james

    this was designed for the DMZ, where NO ONE Is suppose to be. IF you’re caught there now you’re shot onsite, although i’m sure some kids/drunks found thatout the hard way and they’re dead now.
    1/4th the way through the video it shows the camera tracking a target at 500 meters perfectly. You can not accurately hit a target with a paintball or grenade at 500m. Hell when i was in the army the farthest we shot for BRM was 300m. At that distance a man is the size of a needle’s point held at arm’s length, so it’s doubtful you’d even see this thing and before it shot you. I don’t quite understand the warning system if you’re 10 feet away while talking to it, that seems pointless since by then it should have shot you.

  47. JPFR

    I wonder if it can be reprogrammed to keep the neighbor’s dog from doing his business on my lawn?

  48. james

    this was designed for the DMZ, where NO ONE Is suppose to be. IF you’re caught there now you’re shot onsite, although i’m sure some kids/drunks found thatout the hard way and they’re dead now.
    1/4th the way through the video it shows the camera tracking a target at 500 meters perfectly. You can not accurately hit a target with a paintball or grenade at 500m. Hell when i was in the army the farthest we shot for BRM was 300m. At that distance a man is the size of a needle’s point held at arm’s length, so it’s doubtful you’d even see this thing and before it shot you. I don’t quite understand the warning system if you’re 10 feet away while talking to it, that seems pointless since by then it should have shot you.

  49. Michael

    >Kristopher_d wrote:
    >Can we get enough to cover both our borders, >with the surrender feature disabled.
    So nice to be living north of pricks like you.

  50. c0d3-m0nk3y

    Presumably it can tell the difference between a man and, say, an exploding sheep!? (Worms) But seriously, what about medium sized mammal wildlife – the grunts on reload duty will have one helluva All-You-Carry-BBQ!!!!

  51. Sternn

    yes this should be deployed along both US borders ..but pointing inwards not outwards ..the world would be a much safer place as a result

  52. Mobus

    If a “teenage prankster” is screwing around in the DMZ they deserve to get shot.
    Pointing out weak points does not make the technology useless. A blanket over the head would probably mess up a human’s field of view as well.
    I imagine many commanders would love less human soldiers who need to be fed, clothed and have their emotional needs cared for. Robots don’t complain about leaving their families at home.
    Never send a man to do a robot’s job.

  53. Sam Fisher

    Someone has been playing too much Splinter Cell.

  54. Furious_clicker

    Use smoke grenades unless thermal sighting is used.

  55. Useplanb

    Your standard marine sniper, with a guiley (sp?) suit, and armed with a Barret will remove a sentry gun without the worry of ever being shot. Siren or not, its just a good backup for ground pounders as there is no “fear” complex to hamper its targeting.

  56. warnerd

    Boy, there HAS to be some more AI than that…people slogging directly in front and in broad daylight?
    Sure thing. The developers are up against (one of) the best light infantry force(s) in the world. The Reds know how to avoid infrared detection (wet blankets, dummy flares, providing too much IR). How to move(crawl, acrobatic maneuvers, hiding in micro-terrain like ditches, depressions or craters [made by their own artillery, like the Germans did in both WW]etc.).
    How to tunnel. (Like the Viet Cong)
    How to remove those sentries (mortar fire, long range rifle fire, emp [k, pulled that one out of somewhere else])
    And most important, how to use deception (Posing as RoK troops, driving herds of wildlife towards the sentry guns, using straw-dummies to exhaust the ammo storage and to alarm human troops to false contacts etc.)
    The NKPA have had more than 50 years to study lowtech armies that defeated hightech armies.
    Just another case of corporate wellfare, nothing to see here.

  57. Furious_clicker

    I’m sure a robot mole will dig tunnels below ground to pass by it. (yey I made a pun)

  58. Steve

    I assume it’ll have a limited firing arc, say no more than the 180 degrees in front of its bunker. As long as the tech is coming out to the bunker from behind (i.e. the side friendly to the forces that own the sentry) it won’t be able to fire on him or her.

  59. bmnrocks

    I guess you are against the robots that we are already using in the US military too eh?

  60. ED-209


  61. CLamnecKJr

    I am sure they wont set these things up and let them be for a week or more and come back to reload ammo and remove the victims.
    sure beats us sending in our guys to try to “democracy” everyone.
    probally cheaper than a virtual fence to.
    Kudos to the worms and ut referances. good games.
    What ever you do. dont buy NFS Carbon after playing Flat Out 2, Carbon blows in comparison.

  62. mad_science

    Paintballs, are you serious. A paintball has an effective range of maybe 40-50 yards. This thing can reach out 200-300 yards maybe even farther and it can do it in patch black conditions were humans can see past 20-30 feet.
    It can be mouted on vehicles, it doesn’t have to be fixed. But since most guard stations are fixed as well I don’t see the tactical difference.
    Plus this can always be run by a human, even one who is 100’s of mile away.
    Mount these nastys on some robotic ATV base and you’ve got a sentry that can see in the dark and never falls asleep. One that could drop an entire paintball team before they even got inside the range of their little toy guns…

  63. HowdyLOL

    Too bad samsung cant make a decent camcorder. Make sure the warranty doesnt expire on those robots.

  64. Steve R.

    Nah, if the robot goes haywire we can just call in the “Runaway” squad and Tom Selleck can bash it with a chair. Just be on the lookout for Gene Simmons with a perpetually “evil” expression on his face.

  65. GaryB

    The religo-fascists such as the Prez. of Iran, Bin Laden, George Bush are all awaiting The (their) “Messiah”. We science fanatics have been awaiting our robotic saviors/successors. IMHO we have better odds. However, the world is now a race to see whether religo-republicans and their allies Al Queda et al can ruin civilization faster than civilization can birth our robot replacements.
    Now, one piece of useful information frail humans: add reflective Mylar to your wardrobe and you may live at peace amongst our robot terminators.

  66. GaryB

    Had to post again to answer the doubters.
    This particular robo-thing is easily defeated. That’s not the question. The question is, how fast will robo-soldiers evolve? By 2050, these robo-soldiers may well be far smarter and more agile than any human … and cost less. “All your futures are belong to us.”
    Of course, depicted here is the down side. There’s also robo-sex coming to a futrue near you.

  67. No-Future

    The Korean DMZ is the thin end of the wedge.
    Imagine this thing (or its future, infinitely more deadly descendents) installed at your local airport. How comfortable would you be walking around the departure lounge knowing that one of these things is tracking your every move, ready to obliterate you at the turn of a faulty piece of code that mistakes you for a “bad guy”? What happens if a terrorist group infiltrates the sentry control system and sets the weapon to auto-eliminate?
    Machines capable of hunting and killing people without direct, mechanical human intervention are a sign that human civilization is on the way out. It amazes me that Samsung have demonstrated their complete lack of decency and morals by building such a thing, and I will certainly never buy any Samsung products ever again.

  68. James

    I want one fitted with infrared and a small weak laser to sit in my room and kill mosqitoes at night.

  69. Bill

    Don’t think of it as a Sentry, that’s how they are being presented here, but it’s not how this technology is going to be used.
    Think of it as a mine. Consider an implementation that is simply a plate in the ground. When vibrations detect a team approaching a certain position, three to five of these plates pop up at once. Each has one camera, but they communicate to offer a 3 point to 5-point view of the scene (better than 2 eyes). The computer uses the multi-point view to locate every person. It instantly analyzes the people and vehicles for vulnerable areas. It then puts two bullets into the head of each person, and 2 into each tire, then retracts. Unless someone was filming every square inch of the area, chances are that the army won’t even know what hit ’em.
    No bullets miss ever, 100% kill rate, and it could take out 50 people in a matter of seconds.
    The cost for such a set up? Probably 10,000 for 5 units. All the difficulty is in the software, the hardware could be made cheaply today.
    The trick is that these can be placed everywhere. Imagine if there had been a few thousand of these lying undetectable in Baghdad–imagine how many more soldiers we would have lost.
    This is a very dangerous technology–and it’s most dangerous to countries like the US that count on our ability to overwhelm.
    Heck, the thing could even pretty easily identify uniforms and weapons to decide who to attack.
    And imagine a crack-house defended with a few of these–the police casualties would go through the roof.
    Simply waiting on the standardization and availability of image recognition software.

  70. jtougas

    Hopefully, they have the option to put in rubber bullets…

  71. Emiel

    I just can’t wait till people are demanding their rights to private ownership of robots with machine guns.

  72. Hello All


  73. iauha

    1. insert bullet proof dummy human (with heat)
    2. wait for robot to exhaust it’s ammo
    3. kick it over as you walk by it

  74. Bill

    The people who think this is new are perhaps a bit behind. This is an evolutionary model (smaller, cheaper) in the same vein as the CIWS system which is deployed on most US Navy vessels. The only difference is in the intended target (fast moving missles with a primary sensor using radar vs. slow moving humans tracked optically).

  75. mac4brains

    SO much for the three robotic laws

  76. Jesus

    I agree with Beltreg. The Korean DMZ is not a playgound, on the other hand if you want to take out/disable the guns, just shoot them (sensor, camera, or barrel)with a high caliber sniper rifle, like the once combat ordinace disposal units do. That should place them out of business.

  77. busaturbo

    “seems to be a new Aimbot on the market ;-P
    The Cheaters will have lots of fun using it, we just can wait for a new community update. Would be interesting if Korea is VAC secured or if they use Punkbuster … hrhr”
    dumbest reference ever made.

  78. Kevin

    You have 20 seconds to comply!

  79. Jasper

    I think this thing is horrible, but it was inevitable that one would be made. I’ve already read about amateurs making things like these.(not with actual gun, mostly) It really worries me, because if robotic warfare becomes widespread, people will have less of a say about it, it could be done just with a few technicians.
    I do not know much about warfare, but although there may be tricks to be played on this machine, other versions will make it much harder. I also note that many of the ways of disabling it that were suggested would also “disable” a human sentry. The paintball suggestion is plain silly, a bullet has more range and actually damages it. (don’t think the thing is properly armored already)

  80. Godek

    Lay down your weapon, you have 20 seconds to comply…

  81. nathanc

    Ah…the Arsenal of Freedom
    (check out Star Trek : TNG Season 1 for reference)

  82. Jesus

    I forgot to mention one can just run them over with a armored vehicle. Hell, move your entire armored division through it.

  83. Anonymous

    To hell with these. We need Mechs!!!

  84. One of Many

    “So nice to be living north of pricks like you”
    I hope you can take some comfort in the fact that not ALL Americans are xenophobic cowards.

  85. socalmutt

    I want to see the flying version of that… see them in huge flocks… with idiot-detectors and infrared vision.

  86. Morticae

    Probably gonna be a lot of North Korean sweat shops working on those two-person cow costumes really soon.
    And I bet those things don’t cost $200k

  87. TimP

    It’s good to see that everyone on the internet is a seasoned military strategist.

  88. Mike

    More crap to buy more crap for them to sell…
    Of course Samsung is Ameri…huh…hummm…
    Foreign Nationals selling the US arms and software…Now tell me that there’s no trap doors for me to hack into that puppy and pull a VietCongClaymore switcharoo on them….

  89. agw42

    “I had a guaranteed military sale […]! Renovation program! Spare parts for 25 years! Who cares if it worked or not!”
    Dick Jones in Robocop

  90. Rick

    Resistance is futile-You will be assimilated!

  91. Cookie Monster

    Where’s my cookie!?

  92. SolidLiq

    I can’t believe no one came up with the obvious countermeasure: Laser beam. A good laser will have a much longer range than this gun, and with, say, 150mW of power, the laser beam will effectively blind the cameras. Just blind both cameras, and someone can walk right up to it and disable it.
    Of course, you could always disguise yourself be wearing a costume. The giant pussy costumes or giant penis costumes I’ve seen these past couple of Halloweens might work well 😉

  93. Tasty Bush

    One every half mile or so on the mexican boarder would be fine…

  94. charles hoss

    this robot rocks . no constant human presence neccesary , they patrol the area , and an underpaid indian operator will partol the whole DMZ via internet . military outsourcing 🙂 if the N koreans are cheaper they can guard themselves eventually – a little imade distortion and they will never realise – they get paid for the job (less aid needed from other countries)

  95. Babyfoodjar

    Any one remember the porblem with ED-2 0 9….

  96. Palelindin

    HaHaHa 50cal blacktip BMG robot headshot 1000meters
    might as well put yellow target dots on them from the factory.

  97. Iron Maiden

    Boy, just think of how many of these we could’ve bought and lined the US/Mexico border with with the budget surplus Clinton left in his wake. Thanks for nothing AGAIN, George…

  98. Isaac

    These are better than the Cannon Guardtowers in WarCraft II!

  99. mandrill

    Why a machine gun? Why not a Semi Auto .50cal (like the Barret XM109) rifle?
    Probably have longer range and the capability to take out light vehicles too. Why waste a ton of bullets on a grunt when a single shot to the head is alot more efficient?

  100. johnny five

    No disassemble! Johnny Five Is Alive!

  101. SackSmacker

    This thing is stupid. I could take it out at 300 yards with a .308, 7.62 or 5.56. I wouldn’t trust the Identify Friend or Foe algorithm, even if it was attached to an RF type IFF system. While we as a scientific society are trying to create an evolutionary software model in which SW will evolve into a desired function (kind of like cellular derecombination, in which a cell can become any tissue in the body), we are a long way off. This means this stupid azz machine will make errors and kill people. It does tend to take the misery out of war, too. If there is no misery, and every war is sterile, why not send the dipshit leaders in to fight and keep the kids out of the warzone? Yeah right – and you think Rumsfeld and Bush would fight for you? You gotta be kidding me. This thing is another way for people to not have to face the horrors of taking a life, smelling the blood, seeing the body and being a human being. Samsung is an azzhole for developing it, although it still is not very impressive.

  102. BBbb

    the pre-orders on eBay are bidding really high.

  103. bachmann

    Hey, anyone remember that thing from the origanal robocop?
    “Put down the weapon”
    ::puts the weapon down::
    “You have three seconds to comply”
    ::3 seconds later, blasted away::

  104. SackSmacker

    Samsung does make crappy camcorders. Their cell phones are OK though. I think Bush and all of these idiots should be playing out in front of these machines. The last one standing is the winner. And then I will drop them with a headshot.

  105. the great gumboli

    c’mon guys… does any1 really belive this is “new” tech?? i mean really?, there is atleast a 17 year delay between military using tech as standard and it becoming comercially available, or in this case open for viewing, horris only knows what tech “they” actually have, and btw, i got dibbs on being john conner

  106. Cynical

    New hall monitors at last!
    Robot: Present hall pass.
    [Child shows pass]
    Robot: 2nd request, present hall pass.
    Child: but… but…
    Robot: Threat assessment – high [Fires]

  107. aaronm

    So who is to say that Osama won’t get his hands on these, attach them to parachutes, and drop them from airplanes above major American cities. They hit the ground, self arm, and cause MASSIVE problems during rushour. Be afraid…be VERY afraid.

  108. Graham Houston

    I hope its not running Microsft Windows! |:

  109. ...

    Get one guy to go up to the camera toting machine-gun to distract the camera. Walk up behind the camera and give it a good kick.

  110. GB

    I wonder what was considered first, the warning speaker or the camouflaging paint job ?

  111. tcannon

    It recognizes humans. So put two people in a donkey costume, or put a box over your head and you walk right past it, right?

  112. Konchu

    Well I think for its application it is good. Its for an area that should have no activity. Now just because its automated dont think that there means for human control. This is a reliable sentry that doesnt get tired need bathroom breaks etc. On long range activity it could alert the military and possible be given commands to engage or stand down. It takes a long time to dispatch troops and it may be too late by the time they do.

  113. Ross

    The Hydrogen bomb is better than this peice of crap.

  114. Richard Steven Hack

    Okay, everybody jumps on the paintball comment.
    Ever heard of sniper rifles that will WAY outrange this things lousy 5.56 bullet range.
    Yes, it has armor on everything.
    Ever heard of armor piercing bullets?
    And yes, North Korean Special Forces will figure out a way to defeat it. These guys have infiltrated South Korea repeatedly from subs and submersibles. One sub ran aground, two of the SF boys escaped capture for 53 days, killing 11 of their pursuers.
    These guys are no joke. They WILL figure out a way to beat this thing.
    This is like most “defense” products – it’s designed to MAKE MONEY, period.

  115. Vigilante

    Awful lot of crying in here.
    Let Korea keep killing off their male population.
    We got plenty of massage parlors waiting for new female recruits in the USA.
    I’d like one with rubber stun bullets for home defense.
    Sure somebody could outsmart it. but less likely than the people whining about it. They would be prone to being tricked as well after 8 or more hours on the post.
    Also likely as they could be taken out by mortars there could be bots like this running radar with mortars too.
    I think its a good thing that saves soldiers for less mundane tasks than standing for hours in all weather conditions watching a patch of desolate landmined landscape.
    Hell make it more fun! Lets network a ton of battle bots for online players to hop on and shoot enemy battlebots and turn war into a freaking video game.
    Why not, thats all the penalty a politician pays for war?
    Why should the soldier invest anymore of themselves?

  116. hey

    have you ever seen robo cop when they try to make and up grade…

  117. D

    Whoa there GaryB – might want another layer of aluminium foil on the old noggin.

  118. ke6pij

    I wonder what the pay rate is for the job of replacing the batteries and refilling the ammo on this thing.

  119. Cmdr Psike

    EMP… Yeah right…
    do you have any Idea how hard it is to actually interfere with modern technology? someone mentioned the HAM radio interference, but that was before they even knew what RFI/EMI was. now you can sheild electronics with foil or metal mesh connected to up to three ground points… and thats for the overkill solution… no EMP short of a nuclear blast is taking that out

  120. None-Ya

    Sure, but does it run linux?

  121. pikkoz

    Ok ,it can shoot to still targets but i wonder about moving ones , because it’s a lot harder to hit a random running soldier. I also wonder how will behave in extreme wheater conditions like thick fog, heavy rain etc (are the bullets pretected from the humidity? looking to the video it seems not).
    By they way to disable or destroy automated defences usually military just try to cut off the elettricity/comunications feed (aka sabotage :P) or directly raid the control centre.
    But even with the brute force ,as already said, a covert sniper with a 2000$ sipergun should be able to blind with 2-3 shots or less, it can have the most bulletproof glass but once hitten by the bullet it will become opaque (caused by the impact dissipation on the reinforced glass structure) so the recognition algorithm and wired people will be unable to recognize anything .

  122. wally

    Splinter Cell….

  123. socalmutt

    Good point None-Ya. I want root on it… and if it runs on windoze, then I don’t care, it will crash.

  124. Danny

    I would think a high powered spotlight or maybe a laser beam could be enough to blind this thing.
    Just think, we can put these in robotic police cars, and then some guy in India or Bangladesh can patrol our city streets. Outsource the cops, and watch the body count rise, it’s like a double bonus for the neocon death cult!

  125. joey

    Fit it with spider legs and send it to Iraq! Let it patrol the Sunni triangle.

  126. Ammo Dump

    You can see the stock of the rifle in one of the shots. Looks like Samsung just stuck a m-249 into a motorized camera turrent. Why can’t we get Apple to make this? At least it would be cool looking, with cleaner lines and probably white or aluminum…maybe Bono would even make a red one. I’d rather be killed with something that is at least designed well. I hear Apple is making an iPhoneGunTurrent next year.

  127. madness

    F****** hell, they should just disguise these things as a bush and remove the warning speaker

  128. Zepheris

    man… do ppl not think nowadays or what… for starters, the sentry gun would likely be linked to the border bases with live feed of what’s going on, second… if someone scrambled one or blasted one of the guns or disabled one then that’s practically like a burglar going into a bank and purposely blasting the security camera… HELLLOOO??? that’s like announcing ur presence there and that already serve half of the purpose of the sentry gun without the cost of human live of normal border guard. The gun does NOT need to be absolutely effective in killing intruders, if it can warn the border base of intruders and help repel it then that’s already more than sufficient, what it can’t handle then the border garisson force will deal with.

  129. Home defense.. and hunting

    The best part is.. it’ll just be a matter of time before the NRA decides that it’s the legal right of every american to own one of these for home defense and… um.. hunting.. yeah hunting…
    Remember.. a perfectly legal assault rifle now would have been special next-level weapons systems back in the 1800’s.
    I’m waiting for the home version….

  130. TV Owner

    I just bought a LCD 1080p from Samsung. I am really pissed that my 1080p does not have this feature. Dont you hate it when you buy something and the manufacturer doesnt have the feature that you most want. I wish my Samsung had a robot machine gun that would pop out when you hit the mute button.

  131. Condoriano

    From the video it seem that these things can be controlled remotely. Unless it was done with a closed circuit hardwire system this means that it could be controlled by a persistent and smart enough bad guy. Lets hope they don’t make a wifi version.

  132. mofo

    Does this have an anti-feline mod ?

  133. msheekhah

    “Snooks November 14, 2006 11:27 AM
    this is great stuff, Western economic rationalism mixed with socialism. the end of world is truelly here. :P”
    It starts with an earthquake…
    Actually, we don’t need these things to keep Americans (like me) in, we’ll just use it to guard “The Fletcher Memorial Home”… without warnings…

  134. IonSurge

    What’s to stop someone from just poking some eyeholes in a box and using it to walk right up to this thing?

  135. Loki

    Should put them on the Mexican border facing South.

  136. Vaporlock

    I guess the designers don’t read Science Fiction. I wonder how long before these things decide us ‘organics’ need to go?

  137. Zepheris

    a logical thinking a person can make in 5 minute if they would think would be that it is likely that each sentry guns relay their camera feed to a control station, the operator does not need to control the sentry but they can monitor the input from the sentries to see what’s going on in the border and can choose to control the camera manually… THAT much makes SENSE yes?? i mean a bank has a couple dozen automated lockdown system and yet they still has human operators somewhere in the bank or outside monitoring the camera, did the ppl who made dumb remarks like “haha we will walk to it with our arms up, haha we will walk with our solid snake’s cardboard box disguise” really cannot think using some common sense?? the hell????

  138. Markus Sorensson

    Where is the nuclear tip ammo? Like in the jackal movie with Bruce Willis. I hoped to see Jack Black running and getting shot by the Samsung machine.

  139. limpshrimp

    everyone has an answer dont they.

  140. bob morton

    great robots with guns.
    im going to make like a tree and…..get out of here.

  141. Bladesmith

    Be thankful it’s not worse. They could just as easily mount a Mk42 40mm Grenade launcher, which is full auto, and a couple of TOWs. Grade “A” bang bang.