Samsung develops LED-Backlit LCD Panels for monitors to rival premium LCD TV’s

by Dhiram Shah

Samsung has announced that in the 2nd quarter, it will start producing A 24-inch LCD panel with an LED backlight that enables computer monitors to deliver unprecedented color quality, resembling that of the highest-quality TV sets available today. The new LCD will be targetting technology demanding consumers like photographers, graphic designers, animators etc as they will enjoy the same true-to-life colors that premium LCD TVs can provide thanks to Samsung’s proprietary LED backlight. The LED-backlit monitor panel has an industry-high color saturation level of 111% (of NTSC standard) compared to a saturation level of only 72% of NTSC for conventional monitors and will satisfy consumers used to the crisp colors prevalent in high-definition broadcasting.

Optimized for Windows Vista the LCD also features Samsung’s highly successful S-PVA (Super Patterned-ITO Vertical Alignment) technology that provides the widest viewing angle possible – 180 degrees – at the highest contrast ratio for LCD monitors today (>1,000:1). It also supports WUXGA resolution (1,920×1,200 pixels), which is the computer equivalent to Full HD resolution. Pricing and availability of the LCD is not known yet.
Samsung (Korea)


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  2. J Track

    I am waiting for a 40 inch LED backlit LCD TV set. Will it be this Year 2007?

  3. chris

    is CREE making the LED backlighting?

  4. TravisO

    Yes, there will be back lit LCD TV screens in 2007. Expect 75% of all new models to be LED based (new models, not necessarily new on shelf)


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