Samsung develops GDDR5 memory at 6Gbps; the world’s fastest memory

by yogesh

Samsung’s GDDR5 (series five, graphics double-data-rate memory) chip claims to be the world’s fastest memory at 6Gbps. This makes the chip about 4 times faster, operating at 1.5 volts and uses 20% less power than the GDDR3 memory found in modern GPUs and the PS3. The GDDR5 will be introduced at a density of 512 MB (16MB x 32) chips, is capable of transmitting moving images and associated data at 24 gigabytes per second.

Samples of Samsung’s new GDDR5 chip have been delivered to major graphic processor companies like NVIDIA and ATI; mass production is expected in the first half of 2008. Ambitious as it sounds, Samsung expects the series five chips to capture more than 50% of the high-end PC graphics market by 2010.

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