Samsung Armani SGH-P520 mobile phone

by radhika

It’s been long agreed that style and fashion no longer dictates only what we wear but they also lay the rules to how we accessorize. As a natural progression big design houses are not only designing our clothes, make-up, shoes, bags, glasses etc. they have ventured into the gizmo market as well. We already know about the Prada phone, Ferrari Vertu and the Porsche phone and very soon you will be able to team your Armani Suit with a mobile phone too. Partnering with Samsung, the Samsung Armani P520 touchscreen phone will find favor with those driven by big labels and brands. Besides the big name, the P520 has some pretty neat features too. It sports a 2.6-inch screen (262K color, 240×320px, QVGA full touchscreen), a 3MP camera, Bluetooth, a microSD slot, 50MB of onboard memory, a GMS/EDGE connection, and WiFi.

Samsung Armani SGH-P520 mobile phone will initially be available in Europe for 400 Euros ($550).

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