Samsung Armani Phone Official

by radhika

Samsung and Armani have finally officially announced their phone at the Milan Fashion week. We knew about most of the specs earlier, but just to refresh your memory…the phone sports a 2.6-inch QVGA TFT LCD touchscreen and is a Tri-band phone. Unlike the Prada phone that has a 2 MP camera, the Armani boasts of a 3 MP cam. Prada measures a compact 98.8 x 54 x 12mm, where as Armani is 10.5 mm thick. The Armani phone also features a music player and microSD memory slot. It will also come with a Bluetooth stereo headset and a Giorgio Armani leather carrying case.

Designed by Giorgio Armani and manufactured by Samsung Electronics, the Giorgio Armani-Samsung Mobile will be available at Giorgio Armani’s flagship stores and selected mobile phone shops in major European countries from November 2007

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