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Samsung Anycall Haptic a premium touchscreen phone

by Dhiram Shah

Samsung has announced its premium touchscreen phone ‘Anycall Haptic (model: SCH-W420, SPH-W4200)’. What makes this phone stand apart from the herd is its innovative UI. The phone is equipped with sensitive UI that stimulates the sense of sight, hearing and touch making it almost like a living thing. To elucidate, when you use your finger to raise the volume dial, the ‘tick,tick,tick’ sound and vibration makes you feel like you are using a real volume dial. You can even change the UI according to your personal tastes with the on-handset graphic user interfaces. You can create your own menu on the desktop through Widget. The Haptic phone offers ‘drag & drop’ and ‘easy to access’ functions to execute your desired functions. Other specs include a 3.2-inch 16:9 display, Internet full browsing, T-DMB, 2M camera, Bluetooth 2.0 and more.

Samsung ‘Anycall Haptic’ premium touchscreen phone will be available in Korea and will be priced between 700,000 KRW ($720) and 800,000KRW ($820).

Via – Samsung Korea and Gizmodo

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  1. jec

    it’s not as good as i thought it was.. no wifi, too difficult (for foreigners here in korea) to put songs in its 155 mb only shared memory for songs and pics(and i thought it was 8G based on technical specs).. i gave my iphone to my nephew ‘coz i thought this one is better. i must say their marketing strategy and advertisement are better than this phone.


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