Samsung and Yahoo to bring internet on your TV

by mohsin

Samsung and Yahoo are jointly trying to bring a revolution in TV viewing, by bringing the new Widget channel that will provide with unique content for the TV viewing public who are not enjoying TV’s un interactive format. Their goal is to make the TV a centre of your home network, the TV would be requiring an Ethernet port or a special wireless adaptor to access the web. The Widget Channel will be powered by Yahoo Widget Engine which may develop flash applications along with JAVASCRIPT, XML, and not to forget HTML. If this idea succeeds then more and more new TVs will have LAN or Ethernet connection compatibility embedded in them.

I sure like the idea of reading my favorite RSS feeds scrolling on TV live while I watch my favorite episode of friends. Let’s hope this idea gets the green light soon cause it sure is a good idea to get TV slobs hooked on the internet thereby reaching more eyeballs.

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