Samsung 120GB credit card sized USB drive uncovered in China

by mohsin

Samsung’s saucy new USB HDD has made an appearance in China and it could easily fool you into being just another credit card from your wallet. This 1.8″ 4,200-rpm USB drive may be an attractive buy considering most popular drives use the 2.5″ size format. The big draw of this drive is its low power consumption which needs just 300mA from a 500mA USB port and uses just 1.4W to run. The drive has yet to be named in the Chinese market. Considering that both 1.8″ and the 2.5″ drives are most likely going obsolete because of the new SSD’s which are set to storm the market, we are unsure if this drive makes it to our shore soon.

Expect the Samsung 1.8″ 40GB version to be priced for approx 1099 RMB ($161); 60GB for 1299 RMB ($191); and 80GB for 1599 RMB ($235). The 120GB will obviously be priced at the higher price bracket of 1999 RMB ($293).

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