Samsung Smart Q9000 air-conditioner cooks up a whirlwind, literally

by Gareth Mankoo

Samsung has just unveiled the impressive Smart Q9000 air-conditioner that underlines the brand’s dominance on the Korean air-conditioner market. The company has won several accolades for its energy-efficient cooling technology and innovative, sleek design sense. The Q9000 offers all this and more, with an impressive power cooling technology called ‘High Pass Whirlwind’. This is an upgrade to the previous ‘High Pass Cooling System’ that immediately cools off the air sucked in the split system room air conditioners.

This innovation marks its presence in the history of air conditioning as it is for the first time in the industry that a cooling system has been combined with a jet engine’s aerodynamics design to strengthen the wind turbine. Soon, it shall snow in the desert.


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