Samsung ‘Galaxy Glass’ reported to launch in September, will compete with Google Glass

by Sayan Chakravarty

All the major tech companies in the world are betting big on the consumer wearable technology and Samsung wants to lead the pack from the front. Despite the muted response to the Galaxy Gear smartwatch, the South Korean tech giant doesn’t want to let go of the opportunity to get into smart eyewear niche early. As per a report from the Korea Times, an unnamed Samsung official has claimed that the company is developing a competitor to the Google Glass. Tentatively named the Galaxy Glass, the smart eyewear by Samsung will be shown off at the IFA trade show in September.

According to Korean Times, the functionality of the Galaxy Glass will be quite similar to the Explorer version of the Google Glass launched early last year. Samsung registered a patent for the wearable glasses in October 2013 and has collaborated with Samsung Display to source a bespoke display for the Galaxy Glass. The Korea Times report goes on to state that the Galaxy Glass would connect to a smartphone and let the user handle calls, beam music, duplicating the functionality of the Galaxy Gear. There is no word on the pricing and the specifications of the smart eyewear.