Samsung EAD-R10 Pico Projector for Galaxy devices

by Gareth Mankoo

If you didn’t quite like the aesthetics of a phone with an in-built projector but loved the way it functions every now and then, then, the Samsung EAD-R10 may quite well be your pick of an accessory. The Samsung Beam would not really live up to many people’s expectations, so why not take a dig at what Samsung have for everyone. The compact, neat and sleek projector boasts a figure of 60.4 x 116 x 11.2 mm, that’s smaller than the Galaxy S3 and what’s more is it even complements the curves. Connecting it with the Galaxy S2, Galaxy Note, Galaxy Player, and PC can lead you to enjoy games, videos, photos, and other multimedia content anywhere, in its magnified form. What’s more is you can enjoy 20 lm brightness and nHD (640×360) resolution with vivid clarity, even in the dark.

$221 is all this one would cost you. And with it being an accessory, you can share it with your roommate.