Samsung converts unused solar-powered containers into high-tech schools in Africa

by Gareth Mankoo

Education has always been a problematic challenge in the most remote locations of Africa. It’s a problem that has been well analyzed and finally simplified by none other than Samsung. The company has initiated the Internet Schools Programme, which will make use of ‘old shipping solar-powered renovated containers’ to connect them to the Internet and make education free-flowing, cost-efficient and eco-friendly. In a statement, Samsung said “The programme focuses on the deployment of ICT Infrastructure like the Samsung Interactive Whiteboard, commonly called E-board, the multi-purpose Samsung printer and Note PCs—as well as comprehensively on infrastructure deployment, professional development of educators, content development and management, school administration and management as well as sharing best practices in the integration of ICTs in enhancing learning.”

According to their targets, Samsung wishes to touch the lives of 2.5 million students by 2015. Talk about CSR, the Samsung way. Of course, the containers are large enough to accommodate up to 21 students at a time. By joining the prowess of their product line with the advantages of Intel, YouTube and Skype, Samsung are on the brink of the world’s most innovative learning mechanism.