Samsung Chef Garden provides a farm-to-table experience in the comfort of your own home

by Dhiram Shah

Many cooks knows that there is a certain kind of joy that fresh, locally sourced ingredients can bring. When it comes to fruit and vegetables, the freshest and most flavorful are home-grown. Samsung Chef Garden debuting at KBIS 2019 (the leading kitchen and bath design event) aims to provide a farm-to-table experience in the comfort of your own home. With AI farming platform Samsung Chef Garden effortlessly produces fresh, pesticide-free fruit and vegetables all year round.

Samsung Chef Garden integrates seamlessly with the next generation of Samsung Family Hub, using the power and water connections already provided to the refrigerator. To grow their plants, users can choose from a wide variety of seed capsules and place them in the Growing Zone, which applies fogponics technology to create a nutrient fog that delivers water and nutrients to the plants, saving water and keeping the inside of the Growing Zone clean.
Chef Garden can control conditions to ensure an optimal environment for growth, making predictions about growth status and controlling harvest time. Thanks to its integration with Family Hub, the platform can also recommend recipes based on the fruit and vegetables that are ready to harvest, as well as the items already in the fridge, helping to minimize waste.