Samsung Canada rewards a Facebook fan with a unique Samsung S III Epic Dragon version

by Gareth Mankoo

Fans are what make the brand. And so if Samsung Canada needed a reason to up their potential for selling, they’d better show the fans their gratification. It so happened that one Shane expressed his love for Samsung and the desire to add to his collection with a free Samsung Galaxy S III. He ever drew out a cute Andragon, if I may call it so. The company sure went all ‘aww…’ at his expression of loyalty and replied with a kangaroo riding a unicycle. The conversation between man and mega-company went viral and now Samsung finally decided to give the man his dues.

Shane received a cool ‘dragon’ themed Samsung Galaxy S III. Oh, the joy he must have experience on receiving it (or) the anguish of receiving it days after getting his new Galaxy S III after being politely turned down. Whatever be the case, it’s a one-of-a-kind incident that surely puts things into perspective, as far as the CRM part of Samsung’s efficient marketing tactics go.