Samsung’s 110-inch Ultra HDTV touted as world’s biggest, to go on sale from Monday

by Gareth Mankoo

We saw how Samsung and LG locked horns on who can probably dominate the curved HD scene at CES. However, while others were flipping on the curves, the former just announced their 110-inch monster of a display. This Ultra HDTV will enter the realm of displays as the world’s biggest high resolution wonder. It measures a whopping 2.6 meters x 1.8 meters, which makes it obvious that you need an equally colossal house to place it in. Samsung will be dishing this set out only based on custom orders. This will make sure that they do not have these, gathering pixel dust, unclaimed in all its glory.

There is no price tag attached to the 110-inch Ultra HDTV’s US edition. But we can imagine it to be a lot more than the $40,000 price tag that the formerly glorious 85-inch version enjoyed. For Korea, Samsung confirmed a price of 15 million Korean Won. This could amount to $142,000.


[Via – Engadget]