Saitek Pro Gamer Command Unit

by Dhiram Shah

The Pro Gamer Command Unit from Saitek has more than 21 buttons and a 4-way track point available at your disposal. But at the flick of a mode slider, Saitek claims the Pro Gamer Command Unit is well capable of up to 144 programmable commands. How a gamer can remember all 144 keys is beyond our imagination. The Gamepad has a cool blue backlight and the Saitek logo glows in fiery red. The shape of the Pro Gamer Command Unit is ergonomically arched to allow your left palm, fingers and thumb to rest naturally so as to reduce the risks of wrist injuries. Installation is quick and easy, load the drivers plug the unit to a USB port and happy fragging.

Saitek sells Pro Gamer Command Unit for $ 44.
Via – Hardwarezone

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