Saitek Obsidian touch sensitive mouse

by Dhiram Shah

Saitek have come out with the five button Obsidian touch sensitive mouse. This wireless mouse can be recharged using a sleek recharge cradle which provides with wireless transmitter storage and also a reserve battery recharge provision. The 2x Li-ion battery packs make sure that the mouse is charged up all the time. The touch sensitivity is achieved with a four-mode touchpad. The 2.4GHz wireless technology provides highly accurate scrolling. Compatibility with Mac OS and Windows XP empowered machines makes the Obsidian feasible for most home and office PCs. Its elegant and sleek looks and shape make this Saitek offspring very attractive. The 1,000 dpi resolution makes it a highly recommendable touch sensor for those who have a wireless mouse in their system configuration list. Providing plug and play features and simplicity make the Saitek a welcome gizmo into your home or organizations.

The Obsidian is a perfectly futuristic piece of innovation concerning both, looks as well as technology. At a very affordable $82 (given all its features) the mouse would any day make a very good buy.


  1. Ismael U Abaya

    Bluetooth people!!! Bluetooth. That is all I have to say.

  2. Kevin

    Just got this mouse and sent it back IMMEDIATELY.
    The cradle does not recharge the mouse while on it, it only recharges a 2nd battery that you must MANUALLY replace. The charge only lasts 10 hours per gigantor battery.
    Lame product!

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