Saint B – Musicale Arrabbiato

by Dhiram Shah

We have come across glowing crosses, steel crosses, diamond crosses, skull crosses… but here’s something that can make any ‘cross-lover’ drool his mouth out! Gloriously baptized as Saint B (wonder what B stands for – blasphemous? Beelzebub? ) the innocent looking cross dangling from a (supposed to be) pious neck can actually produce awesome digital quality audio! Yes! From now on not everybody wearing a huge mighty cross around his/her neck is a cleric, the Saint B comes into our midst with a USB connectivity female port (wonder why) and a earphone plug (that’s mysteriously placed somewhere around the cross’ armpits). Well, the critics are in line, with some pretty obvious criticisms, but an idea as wicked as this calls for a standing ovation.

From now on, in every monastery, we will find every abbot paying a little more attention to all the monks’ crosses (to make sure no ones playing Dimmu Borgir or Cradle Of Filth).


  1. Saint B MP3: Sorry God

    The Saint B is an MP3 player concept out of Russia. The unit hangs around your neck where OLED beauty glistens through a flexible black plastic cover. The player charges/syncs via USB. But what we like most about the Saint…

  2. Auggie

    This is awesome! I’ve never worn a cross before but I’d definitely get this.
    Is it available for the public or is it just a concept?

  3. Qiming.Li

    Listen to me :
    Earphone port should on the top of cross. don’t make it overside, the aesthetic feeling can be breaked.

  4. Leah F

    Where can I buy it! My hubby definitely will get one for me.:)

  5. heinlich

    Can’t agree more to Li san’s opinion.
    usb port can be put in the other end.

  6. Karin Rahmer

    greetings from Germany. Can you let me know where I can buy this MP3 cross? I would love to give it to my husband as a gift. Thanks, Karin

  7. Maekyla

    What an innovation?But the shape isn’t proper!

  8. kingkoy007

    sweet…i love this new design..it’s sleek and has a unique disguise to it..i would want one of these..i just dont have the money for it..ehehe

  9. Tessa

    Saint B must stand for Saint Benedict (ornemental crosses with high spiritual power attached) please refer to the one the current Pope is always wearing…

  10. Nicky C

    where can i get one?

  11. Ashyboy

    I am a big cross collector and this cross would be a great addition to my collection. Where can I get it? How much does it sell for? I must know.

  12. eddie martinez

    how much is it and were can i find it?

  13. geraldo

    how much is it and were can i find it?
    the $48.17 one.

  14. rudy r

    where can i get one…how much or what website

  15. Babis

    It is amazing!! Where can i buy it? Thanks in advance..

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