Tron-like Saiette R to be launched as the world’s first all-Electric Sports Bike

by Gareth Mankoo

It’s all going electric now. London-based company Agility Global have put together what will be the first all-electric sports bike. Called the Saiette R, the bike can scale from 0 to 60 in 3.9 seconds. All this, without the prospect of wasting copious amounts of fuel is a sure win. It will be lightweight and eco-friendly and oh boy, is it a beast of a good-looker or what. It’s clean and green as well, which makes it an obvious pick for racers who were looking for an intersection between performance and efficiency. The word Saietta literally means “thunderbolt” in Apennine Italian. A single charge can send the bike cruising for a distance of 112 miles! That’s a greater distance covered than most cities in the world.

The electric motor has enabled the users to develop a design that isn’t limited by the shortcomings presented by the conventional petrol engines. It goes without saying that the resemblance of the bike to its Tron counterparts is uncanny. The Saietta will be officially launched in 2014. It is up for pre-order already!



[Via – Inhabitat]

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