SAC (Stand Alone Complex) Robot

by Dhiram Shah

Here is a robot straight from the hit Japanese anime series S.A.C (Stand Alone Complex). In fact it is character from the Attack Shell riot squad and is popular because of its unique and funny behaviour, movement and speech. It walks on four legs and can move its arms. It can also talk the voice is given by the same artist as in the TV series. It has around 19 joints in its body making its movement life like. Currently there are no plans of selling the four legged robot. I am not big fan of Anime if you happen to know its name please let us know.
(Video of the bot in action after the jump)
Update – The robot is called Think Tank and is from the Tachikoma series. Thanks to all who send it in.


  1. Tori

    The tank is Tachikoma from Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone complex is the name of the series. The tank is origionally from the Ghost in the Shell Movie.

  2. Xhimpei

    No, the tank in the original GITS movie is just a Think Tank, there are no tachikomas in the orignal movie. This is based on the Fuchikoma from the orignal MANGA, though later in the SAC we see a new version, more faithful to the orignal Shirow design.
    either way, this is cool and i want one.

  3. GitS:SAC Fan

    It’s just a Tachikoma. Inferring from the voice, it is probably “Batou’s personal Tachikoma.”

  4. Flaydramon

    Actually… They’re all Think tanks(as a classification) because they have a type of A.I. This one in particular is called the Tachikoma Mark 2. Making their first debut in Ghost in the shell: 2nd Gig. the second series of Stand alone complex. the tachikomas were rebuilt most noticeable from having wheels to having claws at the base of their feet that lock in to become wheels.

  5. upit14

    The tachikoma is a redesign of the fuchikoma for the series Gits:stand alone, Theyve always had claws and wheels, the wheels pop out from up inside the leg(comic version) or the fold up behind the claws.(like in the T.V show.They are all think tanks. Reference Gits:stand alone Official log, and the manga “ghost in the shell” the art books help too if your looking for info on this piece of shirow machinery.

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