Rumbling Alarm clock

by Dhiram Shah

Unlike other alarm clocks, the Anemone clock challenges a person when awakening. The twist to this clock is that when the alarm goes off the clock rumbles intensely, therefore making it a little harder to find the off switch. The clock also bounces away from the origin, due to the rumbling, thus creating another challenge of getting out of bed and chasing the clock around the room, kind of like a pet. After capturing the clock, one must hold on to the clock while the clock rumbles the person awake. This clock was designed because alarm clocks are just to easy to turn off, which generally leads back to sleeping again. The Anemone clock awakens a person by means of sound, light, movement, and interaction.


  1. scott

    im interested in the anemone clock but cant find where to get it could u send me the link or a place to find it and the price.

  2. dan

    so how do you buy it it doesnt say how much it is so can any one HELP MEEE!!!

  3. ames

    i wanna buy it! please send me where i can get it!

  4. rachida

    this alarm clock is very cool but a little aggravating and to noisy but thanks a lot new launches.

  5. bequart

    i wanna buy it please send it to me

  6. Violet Clover

    please tell me where i can get one

  7. Peri LaTorre

    love this thing, where can I get one??????


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