Ruggie alarm clock makes you stand on your feet with gusto every morning

by Neha Tandon Sharma

If you are obsessed with pressing the snooze button till it tires you and makes you really really late for work, you really need to read this and thank us later. Ruggie, needs to be your bedroom BFF as this alarm lock/rug/ well-wisher-of-sorts will help you kickstart your day, the right way (rhyme intended). How it works is simple, Ruggie is a memory-foam mat you place on the floor next to your bed. It has a built-in LED display that shows the time and when the alarm goes off it requires you to place both your feet on it for at least three seconds. Don’t think you can procrastinate waking up here as this comes with no snooze button.

The way you put off the alarm by standing or sitting by placing feet on the mat helps to wake up your body naturally and makes you fresher, ready to battle out yet another day. It’s customisable in terms of the tunes you’d like to wake up to as it plays a selection of standard alarm tones or soothing nature sounds to help wake you up. Ruggie should be reaching backers by September; Those interested can order a Ruggie for $79 (about £55, AU$115), plus $15 shipping to the U.S.

[ Via : Cnet ]

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