Romanian reviewer proves the durability of the Samsung Galaxy S4’s screen

by Gavril Mankoo

The Samsung Galaxy S4, as much as the few of you would love to deny, has left us all awestruck. The machine created by Samsung is expected to push aside its peers with a gentle nudge and rise to the top when it finally hits store shelves in a few week’s time. Recently, a phone reviewer from Romania had the chance to set his hands on one of these technological beauties, before they showed up at the mobile phone store. Now, instead of checking out the specifications of the phone first-hand, like most mild-mannered reviewers would do, this fellow subjected the phone’s Gorilla Glass 3 to a bunch of sharp objects, to test its strength and durability, and the reviewer wasn’t left disappointed!

The Galaxy S4 faced the brunt of three a pen, a set of keys, and a fistful of coins, none of which could leave the slightest mark or wound on the phone’s screen. This is the world’s first smartphone to use the Gorilla Glass 3 and the phone lived up to Samsung’s promises of a sleek yet extremely durable powerhouse!

[Via – Androidcentral]