Roll Bar – A must for Outdoor parties

by Dhiram Shah

The lightweight Roll Bar can be easily transported on its large, smooth wheels. Don’t worry about the drinks getting warm either. The rechargeable battery pack will power the extremely quiet Peltier cooling system for up to 5 hours after it’s unplugged. It’s high-tech insulation foam helps maintaining the temprature. It’s top surgace is dent resistant and can be used as a table. It has adjustable inner shelves, an interior light, and a bottle caddy to hang on its side. It can hold 57 12-ounce cans and uses environmentally friendly cooling aggregate. It comes with AC and DC adapters.

  • A truly “mobile” refrigerator

  • 50 liter cooling capacity
  • Holds 57 12-ounce cans
  • Active cooling for up to 5 hours once it’s unplugged from a 110-volt, or 12-volt power source
  • Large, smooth wheels
  • Extremely quiet Peltier cooling system
  • High-tech Iso Titan™ insulation foam
  • High insulation power
  • Dent resistant
  • Top surface useful as a tabletop
  • Adjustable inner shelves
  • Illuminated cooling cabinet
  • Includes bottle caddy to hang on side
  • Comes with AC and DC adapters

Roll-Bar is available for $ 399.00.
Via – Bornrich

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