Roku and Rovio to release TV version of Angry Birds with set-top box

by Gavril Mankoo

Rovio took the mobile-phone industry by storm with the highly addictive Angry Birds game, and slowly spread its wings around tablets, retail merchandising and also ended up with tie-ins for movies! And as if all that isn’t enough, the gaming firm has now tied up with Roku for a set-top box that allows TV users to connect to the internet and access the Angry Birds game! This is the first time Roku has had to do anything with games, and has previously stuck to partnerships like Vudu and Pandora. Also, to play the game on your TV, you won’t need to stick to that pathetic TV remote controller; instead you could pick a $29 Wii-like motion controller with Bluetooth! And just like that, Angry Birds is now playable on your TV screen!