Rokform Golf Shooter iPhone 4/4S case mount is best golf improvement tool ever

by bharat

So, you are the one who likes taking his iPhone to the golf course, yet you’re always concerned about its safety? Well, Rokform has a solution worked out to address your woes in the Golf Shooter – its new iPhone 4/4S case mount – you’re celebrating already? The first of its kind golf-specific iPhone case mount that lets you record your golf swings, is created by Rokform in collaboration with PGA Tour professional players and instructors. The Golf Shooter included with Rokbed v3 protective iPhone case easily sticks on to the turf or a stand and lets the iPhone record every swing you take on or off the course.

Reviewing golf swings to understand the fault or perfection is a must for every amateur and a golf professional alike. Many coaches and players have found the Golf Shooter a perfect golf improvement tool ever. So, if your golfing skills need a boost then take home the Golf Shooter for $130.


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