Rockridge VTS-384 iPod dock with vacuum tube amplifiers

by Dhiram Shah

Rockridge Japan has announced the VTS-384 iPod dock which has 3 vacuum tubes each for the left and right channels. On the top, next to the vacuum tubes you can rest your iPod on the docking port. Other audio sources can be connected using the RCA cable or you can use the VTS-384 as your PC speakers by connecting via USB. The 3 inch speakers deliver an output of 2W×2ch. The top surface of the speaker is made of stainless steel where as the volume knob is made of precision cut aluminium.

The Rockridge VTS-384 measures 338×262×233mm and will be available by Feb 2007 in Japan for 80,000 Yen ($ 690)
With protective casing for the vacuum tubes.

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