Rock Health to make wellness apps as fun as those in gaming

by madhulika

You heard that right- wellness. That’s what Halle Tecco, an employee and founder of Rock Health, a nonprofit incubator for health-care startups, wants to do. The idea behind is to have games that can make being healthy easy, fun and creative. Imagine playing tag instead of sprinting under the afternoon heat. The games, says the founder, are purposely kept short so as not to bore the player, and the interest level high. Halle has already started inviting apps from developers. The soliciting process will end on May 13, after which about a dozen lucky winners will be receiving a grant of $20,000 along with a host of other startup support. And helping Halle in the process is Guitar Hero founder Charles Huang.

Looks like health and wellness is ready to change big time. Gamers, beware!