Robots who can now kiss… for real

by shilpa

Have you watch the Artificial Intelligence where a boy is made, who never grows and is programmed to emote in extreme affection towards his mother? You would think, that’s never going to happen for the next 100 years, but it hasn’t been too long ago and now we can see similar signs of it already. Like these theatrical bots called Thomas and Janet. They are programmed to kiss. But this isn’t news because this actually happened in December last year but apparently the web just got a hang of it recently. It was in a production of Phantom of the Opera in Taiwan. Technology is definitely going to bring the doom on human beings as much as it brings all the pleasures. Wouldn’t it be extremely spooky to realize someday in future that the perfect person you met in ages is actually a robot and you cannot have children
together? All you can have is this perfect humanoid and who wants to live with someone perfect?


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