Robotic polar bear pillow helps shut up snorers

by Gavril Mankoo

Robots are meant to serve mankind. Be it helping doctors perform life-saving surgeries or simply brining you a glass of orange juice and toast, these mechanical slaves have been envisioned to take over the world in sci-fi flicks too. Here’s a robot that you could take to bed with you. Certainly not a substitute for a human being’s company, this polar-bear robot instead helps those who snore shut up while asleep. Called the “Jukusui-kun” (Deep Sleep), this robotic polar-bear shaped pillow helps those suffering from Sleep Apnea Syndrome, or simply put, dissolves those annoying snores of chronic snorers. All you need to do is wear a pulse-oxygen meter on your hand that detects lack of oxygen in your blood flow while the pillow itself measures your snores in decibels. The pillow’s “hand” then gently brushes your face, forcing you to turn on your side and sleep soundlessly. And if all this still doesn’t seem to work, simply set a hibernating polar bear in the room with the snorer. The bear will do the rest.


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