Robotic Plant developed in Korea exhales Oxygen

by radhika

Plants are an integral part of our society. They provide the vital oxygen during photosynthesis, but mankind has always has taken a callous approach towards these live-giving members. Researchers of Chonnam National University have developed a robotic plant that has humidifying, oxygen-producing, aroma-emitting, and kinetic functions. It measures 130 cm tall and 40 cm in diameter and consists of a pot, a stem, and five buds of a flower. The plant can also respond to stimulus. When you come within the 40 cm radius of the flower, the sonic sensors respond by bending the stem towards you and the bud blooms. When left alone, the plant retrieves to the original state. If a person’s voice becomes louder than a certain level, the flower buds will come into bloom, and the stem shakes slightly to suggest a greeting. When the room lights up, the buds open and close, and when music is played, the plant dances.

Besides the ornamental purpose, I don’t see any alluring factor for this robotic plant, I’d much rather concentrate on nurturing a natural live plant, than this robotic one.

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