Robotic cellphones dance, walk and even have expressions

by Gareth Mankoo

Cellphones have gone on from being music players, to little computers to robots! Yes, the latter part isn’t a slip of finger on my part but an actual development by Yim and Shaw who have gone on to create Cally. It’s basically a robotic phone that is 16 cm tall and as expressive as a phone can get. The videos speak so much more about the capability of Cally and it’s sibling Callo. They both gel on well with the video call feature on play. What’s more is that amazing synchronous control of two phones by controlling the robotic actions/limbs of one.

Yim says, “When you move your robot, my robot will move the same, and vice versa, so that we can share emotional feelings using ‘physically smart’ robot phones.” Shaw says, “We’re using them to explore ways in which we can help social robotic products, such as GPS, interactively communicate with people and build long-term intimacy with them.” I like!

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