Robotic Beverage Delivery System

by iona

Steve Norris, founder and sole member of Norris Labs, has revealed the latest in a long-line of weird and wonderful robot designs – a waiter that brings cold beer right to your open hand. The ultimate gadget for lager-loving, couch-hogging, techno-bods, the robot fridge and robot waiter communicate via infrared sensors and navigation equipment to collect and deposit drinks to their thirsty master. Norris claims that this robot was spawned of the long-deliberated question asked by anyone who has built a robot “but can it bring me a beer?” Well, now the answer is “yes”. Norris’ site gives the impression that he is not only an imaginative type, but a very generous one, too. If you feel up to the challenge, he permits free use of his schematics, diagrams and codes to build your own robot for personal, non-commercial use.

Norris’ site also features a robotic footstool, a gesture-based remote control, and Mona, Norris’ robot tolerating cat – not for re-sale.