Ringboxx lets the humble landline phone dance to MP3 ringtones

by mohsin

Some of us have parents or other relatives who find using mobile phones far too complicated, they prefer the conventional landline for its simplicity. This however does not give a landline user the unique feature of assigning caller ringtones for every caller. To cater to the wishes of music loving seniors Home Phone Tunes have come out with the Ringboxx. This neat little gadget is ever rapper-loving grannies’ wish come true. The user can purchase tunes from the Home Phone Tunes Ringtone Store, after which the device helps the user know instantly who’s calling without having to use caller ID.

The Ringboxx is all yours for $33 from the online Home Product store website. Just make sure you buy family friendly tunes, you do not want a scolding, for your mamma. Take a peek at how music is added and assigned to the device.


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