RIM’s BlackBerry almost black-balled in Saudi Arabia and India due to security issues

by Shayne Rana

In this new age of technology and security hacks, one of the foremost members of the information security sector has to be RIM (Research in Motion). Their BlackBerry services have got to be one of the most secure ways to send and receive confidential data, but they’ve been quite a hassle in Asia because of this. It seems that due to fact that their servers and services are so super secure governments of countries like Saudi Arabia and India were opting to ban the BlackBerry services completely. But those of you frequently traveling to that part of the world or living there can breathe a sigh of relief. The governments of the various countries concerned have set a few new regulations that allow them to monitor, to an extent BB communications. So messenger services et al are still good to go. India, however has still not made a final decision on weather or not they’re satisfied with that the new security regulations with RIM are adequate and will be making a statement in the next couple of days. The specific regulations in place a little vague but services will not be halted and that’s all that’s important.

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