RIM Shows Off PlayBook’s Top-Notch Capabilities for the Business Guys

by ruchi

Just some days back we come across piece of news which said that a former (and even disgruntled?) RIM employee, Raymond Reddy, suggested that BlackBerry PlayBook might have a DOA launch owing to certain technical issues faces. With the tablet steadily moving towards its launch date, this scandalous bit was cleverly swept under the mat. But How? Their product team has dished out a demonstration video which speaks candidly of the tablet’s capabilities in business environments.

I am not sure if this RIM’s way of getting back to unscrupulous statements but the video shows smooth pairing of the tablet with the BlackBerry smartphone through encrypted Bluetooth connectivity, something that was claimed to be in serious jeopardy by the ex RIM employee. The demo clip says that owing to integrated BlackBerry Bridge technology, the same email inbox on the tablet and the smartphone are literally ‘talking’ to each other. This means that when you read the message on the tablet, without any lag your smartphone will show the message as ‘read.’ Also there is secured access to business applications such as Flash enabled dashboards from SAP BusinessObjects Explorer. When you take the Playbook off the connection, all the corporate data is removed from it. After having seen this video, we are pretty sure PlayBook pretty much has it all to give iPad and a plethora of Android Tablets a run for their money.

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