RIM goes Kong-Style with huge 2 storey high BlackBerry handset

by Shayne Rana

BlackBerry, like Google thinks really big sometimes. Back in 2006 they created the world’s first working BlackBerry handset and now they intend to take that to ‘new heights’ with another over-the-top humongous device that will make its appearance at the Beaubourg Esplanade in Paris, from 20-22 May. This one’s on a massive scale and will be two stories high. What will be a real treat, other than its size is that fans will be able to send pictures they’ve taken to this gargantuan handset that will be displayed on the screen. You can do so by visiting the BlackBerry France Facebook page and uploading your images. You’ll also be able to choose a date and time for them to be shown. I can foresee quite a few marriage proposals taking place via this medium and after all we’re talking about the city of love.

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