Ricoh’s Theta m15 camera can shoot spherical videos

by Shruti Shree

Devices have become multifunctional these days. No matter how better smartphones get with their cameras, there’s always a place in our pockets for those tiny high quality camera just made to take pictures and videos. Ricoh Theta m15 is one slender, sophisticated, light camera stick with a spherical camera that can shoot incredible 360 degrees videos for you. Not only videos, but it can also take 360 degree gorgeous photos with a single release of the shutter. The shots and the videos can be played on Windows or Mac computers, and also on iOS and Android devices. Ricoh theta m15 is the second iteration from theta the first one could not record videos. The videos taken by Theta m15 can be processed on the video creation tool App by Theta on Windows or Mac PC. One outstanding feature of Theta m15 is that the shape, size and composition of the images can be changed just by moving your fingers on the touchscreen. A very good Wi-Fi will also enable you to share the videos of up to 6 seconds and the photos on your favourite social networking site instantly.

The camera is very light weighing just 95 grams and the memory is 4GB. The shutter speed is also excellent, just 1/8000 of a second. The API and the SDK for the camera is going to be released soon so that other developers can also make app for Ricoh. Theta m15 can be a very useful for people who enjoy action sports, but for general photography lovers also, it’s one hell of a camera. Ricoh’s Theta m15 camera will be releasing in Japan and UK on November 14th. The price for the camera in UK will be £269.99 ($435).

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