RFID Digital Door Lock

by Dhiram Shah

Getting into your home using the RFID Digital Door Lock is a breeze. Just tap your RFID card or keyfob to the reader button to activate, authenticate and unlock your door. With the PIN pad, you’ll never lock yourself out ever again. Calling a locksmith to unlock your door or to change your lockset because you misplaced a key will be a thing of the past. Change your PIN and reprogram your RFID cards should you ever lose your keys or have them stolen. No need to change locks. This lock is pickproof as it has no keyholes and comes standard with a night deadbolt function which disables all external functions, allowing you to sleep safe and sound. The built-in alarm will deter thieves at the door itself, if the door is forcefully entered. Also includes an imaginary PIN and an external forced lock feature which prevents unauthorized opening through the mail slot or window. Via – Random Good Stuff

Other features of the RFID Digital Door Lock.
* Comes with 8 RFID Smart Keys (4 cards, 2 fobs, 2 tags)
* Auto/manual lock modes
* External forced lock mode prevents unauthorized opening through mail slot or window
* Burglar alarm
* Smart Keys can be re-registered if one or more is lost or stolen
* Takes 4 AA batteries (included)
* External contacts for a 9-volt battery (in case AA batteries are completely drained)
* Includes mounting hardware, screws
* Dimensions: 5.75″ x 2.7″ x 1″ (Outside component)
* Dimensions: 6″ x 3.9″ x 1.5″ (Inside component)