Revolutionary underwear thwarts smartphone radiation, prevents infertility

by Gareth Mankoo

When you come to think of it, the number of smartphone devices constantly bombarding our beings with their harmful radiation could be quite a troubling factor. However, there are innovators who think about our overall well-being and roll out something as amazing as the Wireless Armour that shields the contents of our underwear from possible smartphone radiation-triggered infertility. The design has been created by British scientist Joseph Perkins. It is woven using a silver mesh that protects the sperm from radiation caused by Wi-Fi devices. “Using a laptop and tablet for work got me thinking about the effects of EMR on the human body,” said Perkins. “This prompted me to do some research and read the scientific literature on the subject.”

Revolutionary underwear thwarts smartphone radiation 2
Using silver may increase the cost of the concept once it hits the supply chain. But Perkins preferred silver over copper as copper tends to go green when it comes in contact with water and also offers anti-microbial properties. “I insisted that the product had to look good and it took many iterations and the despair of many designers before we got to where we are now,” said Perkins. “I still think we could improve a little on the styling and we are working on it.”

[Via – Dezeen]

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