Retro Alien Couch inspired by Space Invaders is comfortably cool

by Gavril Mankoo

We’ve been stumbling across a bunch of video-game inspired furniture pieces recently, including a Donkey Kong-inspired shelf arrangement. Just recently, we spotted this fabulous way to rest your backside, inspired from the good old Space Invaders game. Called the Retro Alien Couch, this seemingly comfortable and extremely cool seating arrangement is inspired by Space Invaders game from the 70s and was conceived by designer Igor Chak. Complete with a white edging and a comfortable black leather seat, this couch sports a clever stitch that resembles the pixilation of the game and is available on built-to-order basis in Los Angeles. Priced at $5,000, requiring you to shell out a bit more for shipping and sales taxes, this steeply-priced though seriously splendid couch could compliment your geeky home.

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