Reporting Tools BI: An Overview of the Best Business Intelligence Tools

by dhiram

As the year 2020 comes to an end, it is time to strategize how your business will become more successful next year. Business intelligence, a technological approach where businesses use software and apps to analyze data to gain insights, has now dominated business operations. This is necessitated by the increase in the presence of data from the business and other external sources.

With the coming of a new year, your business is probably looking for new reporting tools BI to use. And enumerated below are some of the best tools that you can take advantage of to take your enterprise to a whole new level. Read on.

SAS Business Intelligence
When you are looking for the best reporting tools BI that offers a self-service option, the SAS BI should be your first consideration. Although it is widely known for predicting future trends, businesses can also enjoy a variety of BI options. Generally, it is a tool full of API features to analyze data in different ways to give the sales and marketing team, management, and entrepreneur all the insights they need to make informed decisions.

SAP Business Intelligence
When a business is looking for an advanced analytics solution with planning and predictive analysis, this is among the right reporting tools BI to consider. In the world of data, SAP BI is the king! And the main reasons include features like detailed analytics reports, visual presentations, and even a mobile option to be utilized by employees who spend most of their days in the field such as sales and marketing teams. The management can also access data in real-time from their mobile phones when using this robust BI tool.

Tropare Business Intelligence
This is also on the list of the most popular self-service reporting tools BI that any business can rely on. The company has a worldwide reputation for producing data management solutions, especially sales and marketing tools. Their BI tool collects data, analyses it, and creates robust reports to facilitate informed decisions. It also has rich visualization reports that enable both marketers and the management to make better reports every day. Lastly, Tropare solutions are mobile and real-time, making them among the best modern reporting tools BI. If this is a solution that you want to try in your business, click here to learn more.

Zoho Analytics
When it comes to working smart, being predictive, and making other data-oriented decisions, Zoho Analytics is one of the reporting tools BI that will help you. This tool is loaded with amazing features to sync different sources of data and schedule reports as you wish. If you understand visual presentations better, Zoho will not disappoint you. The API for data integration allows users to get data from different sources and merge it to make meaningful reports. Generally, it is an interesting BI tool that you can rely on.

Oracle Business Intelligence
For those who have dealt with data for some time, you all know that Oracle is a common solution provider in the sector. Their BI tool is rich with all solutions such as data analytics and reporting to make present and future plans. The good thing about the BI tool from this giant company is that it is designed for big data, which makes it suitable for very large companies. Lastly, it is worth mentioning that it utilizes data from your company and external sources.

Microsoft Power BI
Last but not least is Microsoft Power BI. This web-based tool helps both small and larger enterprises to analyze different data and give visualized reports. The ability to be accessed from anywhere makes it a great tool for sales and marketing and other teams that need to be in the field most of the time.

With the above reporting tools BI, any business should be ready to take their data management to the next level from now. Handling big data will no longer be a problem and is essential especially if you want to make informed decisions.

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