Rent your own satellite for just $250

by Gareth Mankoo

Ever wondered what dear space would be like with satellites to rent out? On August 4, a resupply mission is all set to head out for the International Space Station that will have a satellite for hire in tow. Well, before you get your though-gear moving, do note that this satellite will be a 10-centimeter nanosatellite called ArduSat. It will connect with servers at NanoSatisfi, a Kickstarter-funded company (which will operate it), and offer students a chance to work their imagination on that little dominion they build in space. The nanosatellite comes equipped with cameras, an ambient light sensor, a magnetometer and a Geiger counter making it absolutely workable remotely. NanoSatisfi also gives students a control panel, set up on the ground to control the mission on the go.

Renting this one out would cost only about $250 a week, thus making it financially viable for students. ArduStat offers users a list of possible uses including science, engineering and entertainments. There’s also tracking of meteorites that can be enabled. It’s pretty much like taking space study open source.

[Via – Gizmodo]