Renesas Electronics Debuts Smartphone and Car Audio Integration Solution

by ruchi

Smartphones are not just smart anymore. They are fast becoming an answer to everything lifestyle need of both, the present and future. Renesas Electronics just thought of joining this cult wherein every tech giant is trying to offer something to sync in with a smartphone. At the International Automotive Electronics Technology Expo, the company demonstrated its upcoming offering of Smart Phone and Car Audio Integration Solution. Since operating smart phones can be little tricky while driving, this system will allow one to control their phone via the car audio systems display.

The interface which helps achieve this integration is called Terminal Mode and has been recommended by mobile phone big wig Nokia. This interface specification has been formulated by standards organization CE4A and extends the defers the smartphone capabilities to car electronics. The biggest advantage here is that if your car audio system is deficient with respect to say GPS capabilities or Weather display feature, your smartphone can lend it to the car display.