Renault Frendzy EV Concept for every occasion

by Gareth Mankoo

This is the way you want to make something count for the most. For work. For fun. That’s what you call a full-fledged car. it can transform from a take-to-work ride to a pretty cool ride for the buddies. It’s from the house of Renault and is one hellava concept design that make the car a total desirable. It packs an internal screen that displays advertising messages. The back can then fold back to create a cargo carrier. There are what are called ‘suicide doors’ as well. Also, if you are a victim of a BlackBerry PlayBook purchase then you can use the car’s docking system to hook it up.

That’s what the Frendzy EV Concept is all about. It’s a less cumbersome utility vehicle which can be put to full formal use as well.

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