Remote controlled Pterosaur

by Dhiram Shah

So what if you don’t have real dinosaurs around you (I’m sure most of the folks will be happy about that), you recreate the prehistoric aura as and when you please as you can now be the prod owner of RC Flying Pterosaur, yes that is a dino indeed but its not real…d-uh! No longer will you watch War Games, green with envy when Dr. Falken plays with his homemade flying dino. You can order your own; a green potbellied “durable foam” version that Firebox claims will swoop and glide around the park (or cubicle cluster). It is for children of ages 8+. You need to charge it for approximately 30 minutes and the Flight time is approximately 10 minutes. It’s got some cool features like Super-bright L.E.D lights. It not only flies indoors but also outdoors and in all directions. If you are worried about its durability then relax as it has a foam body which withstands crashes. The Remote controller comes with portable quick charger. It is about 13½”(W) x 3¼”(H) x 17¼”(D) in size. Now you know how dangerous dinosaurs can be and though this one is just a toy you need to be careful with this one too. Make sure you do not fly near overhead wires; Point the Pterosaur away from face when launching; Keep fingers clear of the propellers when the battery is installed in the Pterosaur; Do not launch at people or animals and the RC Flying Pterosaur contains rechargeable cells.

If fluid leaks from the Pterosaur avoid contact with eyes and dispose of the Pterosaur. For $69.95, you can order your own, a green potbellied “durable foam” version. All said and done…lets get prehistoric!

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