Remote Controlled AirShip is a flayed blimp

by Gareth Mankoo

Toys make the impossible into play things. That’s what gives us immense joy in sharing the knowledge of the Remote Controlled ‘skinless’ blimp. China’s AMAX Toys makes use of horizontal propellers that make it air-borne. The craft looks convincing enough as a true adaptation of a real blimp concept. It is 11 inches long and can fly across a distance of five to six meters. A minutes charge is enough to set it on its path. The 3-channel infrared remote control limits the distance from source to just 30 feet. The only possible respite this could provide is that its sure not to get lost or mauled by savage birds. What’s more is that the blimp also offers gyroscopes that help it maintain balance.

The AirShip is pretty much the complete package one could expect from the Far East toy manufacturer Strangely, it isn’t for sale on a wholesale basis. Instead, AMAX Toys is only retailing on a wholesale basis.