RelacOn waterproof speakers makes bathroom singing memorable

by Dhiram Shah

Presenting the RelacOn waterproof speakers from Sknet Japan, in fact you can call it a waterproof case. As once the unit is opened you can place your MP3 player or PMP in it which connects via 3.5mm stereo plug. You can use the speakers in the bathroom or kitchen as it is waterproof upto 30 feet. It is more like an underwater helmet for your speakers as the protective covering is transparent. It is not a dock so if you take long bubble baths make a nice playlist and lock it up as you can only control the volume using the waterproof controls. The unit delivers an output of 800mW×2ch and is the batteries provide 30 hours of continuous playback.

The unit measures 200×170×55mm, weighs 445 grams will be available later this month in Japan for 4380 Yen ($ 37).

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